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Online courses

3IN Alliance students have a possibility to participate in online courses which have been developed to give the students the international experience at home.

Opportunities and links to the information pages are listed below.

Course Course period Application DL More information
Exploitation in Global Frame, 3 ECTS 19.4.-21.5.2021 1.12.2020 Diaconia University of Applied Sciences
Social Action and Participation, 5 ECTS 1.3.-9.4.2021 1.12.2020


Social Work from an International Perspective, 5 ECTS 21.09.-13.11.2020 14.9.2020 University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Social Exclusion and inclusive practices in social work, 10 ECTS 9.11.2020-5.2.2021 12.10.2020
Community Work from an international perspective, 15 ECTS 18.1.-28.5.2021 30.10.2020
A1 Intensive German 15.10.2020–15.02.2021 2.10.2020 Flyer


Please contact your international office for further information.