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Get to know all the 3IN activities

We have established a step-by-step action plan to integrate all levels and functions of the 3IN Alliance institutions within a joint European University.

Since the year 2019, we have been successfully developing our multilateral cooperation by developing new opportunities for both our students and staff.


We offer our students a wide variety of opportunities to participate in student exchange programmes and online courses offered by member institutions.

  • Erasmus+ Student Mobility: 3IN Alliance Members offer various opportunities for Erasmus+ student mobility.
  • Online Courses: 3IN Alliance students have the possibility to participate in online courses, which have been developed to give the students the international experience at home.
  • Doctoral Colloquium: By participating in the 3IN Doctoral Colloquium, Ph.D. students can support each other and tackle upcoming challenges and obstacles on the way towards their Ph.D. together.


We invite colleagues from all partners to join the cooperation activities in developing flexible opportunities for all students to gain international experience as part of their studies, co-creating solutions to societal challenges and sharing best practices and developing joint services.

  • 3IN Insights are online to facilitate networking and sharing insights in the different topics and themes.
  • 3IN Workshops are organised both online and on-campus with a variety of topics and themes in developing our cooperation.
  • 3IN Co-creation platforms offer new ways to sharing the best practices and modernising and streamlining our operations in education, research and support services.

Please get in touch with our 3IN Alliance Institutional Coordinators to learn more about these opportunities!