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Get to know all the 3IN activities

Since the year 2019, we have been successfully developing our multilateral cooperation by developing new opportunities for both our students and staff. We offer our students a wide variety of opportunities and invite colleagues from all partners to join the cooperation activities.

Please get in touch with our 3IN Alliance Institutional Coordinators to learn more about these opportunities!

For Students and Staff

  • Erasmus+ Student Mobility

    3IN Alliance members offer opportunities for Erasmus+ student mobility in different study fields.

  • 3IN Insights

    3IN Insights facilitate networking and sharing insights in the different topics and themes.

  • 3IN Workshops

    Staff members are welcome to join the workshops to develop our cooperation.

  • Online Courses

    3IN Alliance students can participate in the online courses offered by Member institutions.

  • Doctoral Colloquium

    The 3IN doctoral colloquium is meant to be a support for Ph.D. students of Social Sciences.

  • 3IN Co-creation platforms

    Co-creation platforms provide tools to contribute to the implementation of the 3IN Alliance vision.