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ISAVE – Higher Education Institute of Health


A photo of ISAVE campus, a photo of ISAVE students in a class and a photo of ISAVE students


ISAVE is part of a private entity that aims to train health professionals with technical and scientific knowledge, who have a very rich exchange of experiences, which is reflected in the level of professionalism and humanization of health responses. The health sector is a greater focus of attention due to the need for training professionals able of responding to a set of challenges and demands from societies.

Nowadays, ISAVE has a new opportunity to continue a project that has already trained more than 2500 students in the health field. It currently has four 1st cycle of studies – bachelor’s degrees, Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP´s), post-graduate training and specialized training. Along with a range of protocols with excellent health institutions that allow internships and the professional qualification of all students.

The institution seeks a direct intervention in the community in several institutions: hospitals, schools, chambers, clinics, among many others. The proximity to these contexts promotes the development of health and the well-being of the surrounding community.

ISAVE enhances the quality of the training of technicians in the health area based on differentiated education, in innovation, research, technology, prestige and excellence in order to improve the provision of health services for all.

Facts and Figures

  • 300 students
  • 30 staff
  • health care
  • 1 campus in Amares