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European University Alliance of Inclusion, Integration and Involvement


By establishing a European University which is committed to contributing to the creation of a world where no one is left behind:

  • We provide accessible and sustainable life-long learning opportunities to empower our students and staff to become critically engaged global citizens.
  • We increase and improve our capacity to find sustainable solutions to multifaceted societal challenges through education, research, development and innovation.
  • We promote constructive dialogue to secure sustainable development to the benefit of all.


  • We increase the quality and excellence of our institutions and Alliance, and add value for our students, staff and stakeholders through flexible learning opportunities.
  • We create new knowledge and solutions through research, development and innovation in a co-creating ecosystem.
  • We build inclusive student-centered education with joint quality standards, jointly developed pedagogical, methodological and technological innovations, shared virtual and physical learning environments, individualised learning paths and new forms of mobility.


3IN Alliance cooperation in education and research is based on the shared values of dignity, justice, diversity, and sustainability.

Action Plan

We have established a step-by-step action plan to integrate all levels and functions of the 3IN Alliance institutions within a joint European University.

Inclusive Mobility

We establish inclusive, functional and sustainable practices for virtual, blended and physical learning mobility for students and staff.

Flexible Learning

We develop joint education contributing to complementary and flexible learning opportunities.

Co-creative RDI Ecosystem

We build a functional co-creative research, development and innovation (RDI) ecosystem to enhance digital inclusiveness and the green transformation.

Sustainable Cooperation

We build a sustainable, transparent and collaborative 3IN Alliance cooperation framework and practices to achieve strategic goals and to ensure the quality of joint activities.