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Doctoral Colloquium

The 3IN doctoral colloquium is meant to be a support for Ph.D. students of Social Sciences. It provides a platform for a peer-to-peer network where Ph.D. students can support each other and tackle upcoming challenges and obstacles on the way towards their PhD together.

Both the structure and content are based on the needs of the participants.

How will 3IN Doctoral Colloquium work?

Doctoral colloquium will meet on a regular basis, e.g. once a quarter/semester with the following aims:

  • Ph.D. students to present their research topics and receive feedback.
  • Discussions on different topics, such as financial support, methods, time management, ethics, etc.
  • Ph.D. students can, for example, organize online writing workshops, in which the students agree to a certain time and date to meet virtually and to work and write on their own topics. Such initiatives help to stay motivated and committed

Why join to the 3IN Doctoral Colloquium?

  • Receive international support
  • Become internationally competitive
  • Learn about new coping strategies
  • Extend your scientific network
  • Broaden your horizon

Join the 3IN Doctoral Colloquium!

As a first step, all interested participants will have a first informal online meeting to get to know each other. In this meeting, participants talk about expectations and personal wishes and needs. Based on this, the participants can establish a plan for their personal 3IN Doctoral Colloquium. Let’s start being creative!

Time & Place

  1. Online meeting in the beginning of November
  2. Meeting at FHWS in Würzburg, Germany (time to be confirmed)

Target Group

Ph.D. students of Social Sciences


The program of the meeting will consist of:

  • Presenting Ph.D. topics and exploring common themes
  • Workshops:
    • Time- & Self-Management for a successful PhD
    • Publishing in English and in international platforms and networks
  • Feedback & Discussion

Registration deadline

Deadline 17 October 2021

Contact and Registration

Please send an e-mail to stefanie.witter(at)