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Diaconia University of Applied Sciences


3 Photos of Diak campus and students

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) offerBachelor and Master’s degree programmes in social work, health care, community interpreting and sign language interpreting and diaconal work. Diak is Finland’s largest provider of UAS-level education in social work. With five campuses, it is the only national UAS offering health and social care education and services for workplace organisations across Finland.

Diak’s education and RDI actions aim at promoting sustainable wellbeing in communities and service systems in the national, European and global contexts. In addition to promoting inclusion and multiculturalism, Diak’s key expertise areas include community development, development of the social and health care service systems, as well as research and development of value-based social and health care practices, and interfaith literacy and dialogue. Diak’s pedagogy is rooted in flexible blended learning solutions on and off campus with e-learning facilities and digital support services.  Diak has also broad expertise on eco-social approach and its application in higher education.   

Facts and Figures

  • 3000 students
  • 250 staff members 
  • social services, health care, diaconal work, interpretation
  • 5 campuses: Helsinki, Pieksämäki, Pori, Oulu and Turku