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Marja Katisko / Diak: ”How can we support a more sustainable society through research?” 

Who is Who series introduces faces behind the 3IN Alliance. Find out what kind of ideas Marja Katisko from Diak, Finland, has for research in the future.

Camilla Mariann Skjældal Cazon / VID Student: “Every voice should be included equally”

Who is Who series introduces faces behind the 3IN Alliance. Find out how Camilla Mariann Skjældal Cazon from VID, Norway advances the 3IN goals in her studies.

Maria Tendenes / VID: “I dream about student and staff mobility”

Who is Who series introduces faces behind the 3IN Alliance. Read how Maria Tendenes from VID, Norway feels about the internationalization of universities. 

Who is who series starts – stay tuned!

3IN Alliance introduces a brand new Who is Who series, showing the faces and telling the stories of the staff members and students behind …

Workshop 8 June: Intercultural Competence Training

Welcome to the Workshop on Intercultural Competence Training on the 8th of June at 9.00-15.30 CET via Zoom! The aim is to facilitate networking and academic exchange between the intercultural competence experts and lecturers of 3IN Members.

Workshop 9 June: Social Media Connection

Welcome to Social Media Connection Workshop on the 9th of June at 9.00-15.30 CET via Zoom!

3IN Member News: Transilvania University of Brașov recruits 36 researchers

The Research and Development Institute of Transilvania University of Brașov (ICDT – UniTBv) includes 30 Research Centres engaged in advanced interdisciplinary research. TBV is searching for 36 passionate and strongly goal-oriented researchers with high potential for professional development.

Networking Event for Library and Information Services

Following the strategic cooperation within the 3IN Alliance, Diak’s Library and Information Services staff organised a virtual meeting to get to know the colleagues …

Social Inclusion in Higher Education Webinar on 18 Nov 2020

We are pleased to invite 3IN Alliance staff and students to our second 3IN Alliance webinar to take place on the 18th of November …

German national initiative supports the 3IN Alliance cooperation

The funding aims to strengthen the European dimension of German higher education and support the HEIs in their mission to develop future European Universities.