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European universities, a place where life-long-learning takes place

Ageing is one of the most central issues in today’s European society. The European population is getting older and it has severe impact not only on the labour market but also on the operation of the whole society. Universities, however, embrace life-long-learning. and more than welcome all age groups.

How 3IN Alliance Impacted ISAVE’s response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact worldwide in the education sector, revolutionizing the classic teacher-student relationship that was established during decades in all teaching cycles, including higher education.

Being part of a European University – from a utopia into reality

The concept of several universities united as a single European University would have been characterized as a utopia twenty years ago. Now, in 2020, the term “European University” seems closer to reality. Furthermore, things seem to happen naturally and easily.

The German “FHWS 3IN” support project turns challenges into resources

As a University of Applied Sciences FHWS has a lot of expertise to contribute to the 3IN Alliance. However, as a university of applied sciences, new structures need to be built up to prepare FHWS for its new role as a 3IN Alliance university. How can one master that balancing act?

Transforming challenges into resources? What the coronavirus outbreak could teach us.

With the COVID19 outbreak, the questions on how you can transform challenges into resources and how you can ensure that you leave no one behind suddenly became very relevant and very close. But the questions nevertheless, became relevant in a whole new way. Our everyday life, including the working day, was suddenly radically changed. Would we be able to handle this?

Leaving no one behind is a group effort

What does a a student of theology at VID and a Chair of 3IN Alliance Students thinks of the alliance’s main focus?

On a mission to a world where no one is left behind

…we invite you all in! The 3IN Alliance applies its experience, know-how and other resources to accelerating inclusion, integration and involvement in novel practices and programmes within the European Education Area.