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Developing post-secondary education for students with intellectual disabilities

VID Specialized University is developing an education programme for students with intellectual disabilities since these persons don’t currently have access to higher education in Norway. The project aims to highlight how access to higher education is a universal right.

Across European communication – My internship in the 3IN Alliance

My internship working with the 3IN Alliance has been eventful. I attended international workshops and meetings, conducted interviews and managed social media – entirely remotely.

3INs: Integration Improves Co-creation

3IN Alliance promotes #inclusion #integration and #involvement, but what does this actually mean? We asked the 3IN staff members how these values show in the alliance.

Joint online workshop on international social work and exploitation

On 20 May, twelve students and four staff members from 3IN partners Diak and VID met in an online workshop arranged by the courses Exploitation in a Global Context at Diak and International Social Work at VID. The workshop concluded a process that has given us valuable experience with joint online teaching activities. Take a look at our tips for organizing joint online teaching across two (or more) institutions!

Always available: Effects of digitalization on academics’ well-being

During the COVID19 crisis, technology was being used at an unprecedented scale in education, generating significant changes in teacher’s work. Despite the numerous benefits of digitalization, the excessive use of technology can also imply risks for academics’ well-being.

3INs: Inclusion Requires Action

3IN Alliance promotes #inclusion #integration and #involvement, but what does this actually mean? We asked the 3IN staff members how these values show in the alliance. 

From Written Strategy to Strategy-in-Action 

“Diak will be needed until our world is a good world for everyone” summarises the purpose of Diak and explains why Diak is needed. This connects Diak to the Read more

Insights to the Protection of the Human Rights in Europe

The project team of FHWS 3IN, based in Würzburg, Germany organised a 3IN Alliance webinar as part of the Human Rights Week 2020 of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg – Schweinfurt. The event gave several insights to the importance of the protection of human rights in Europe.

European universities, a place where life-long-learning takes place

Ageing is one of the most central issues in today’s European society. The European population is getting older and it has severe impact not only on the labour market but also on the operation of the whole society. Universities, however, embrace life-long-learning. and more than welcome all age groups.

How 3IN Alliance Impacted ISAVE’s response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact worldwide in the education sector, revolutionizing the classic teacher-student relationship that was established during decades in all teaching cycles, including higher education.