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Who is who?

Who is Who series introduces the faces behind the scenes of the 3IN Alliance. Read stories of staff members and students across Europe from below!

Maria Tendenes from VID, Norway

In the picture Maria Tendenes is sitting on a rock in the nature.

“I dream about student and staff mobility”, says Maria Tendenes who works as advisor for internationalization at VID Specialized University in Norway. Her role is to coordinate VID’s activities in 3IN Alliance. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing. Read more on 3IN blog!


Camilla Mariann Skjældal Cazon from VID, Norway

Camilla smiling staining her eyes.

“Every voice should be included equally”, says Camilla Mariann Skjældal Cazon who is Chair of the 3IN Alliance students and studies theology at VID Specialized University. She participated in the alliance’s first student forum meeting in January 2020 and has led the development of the 3IN Student Forum. In her free time, she enjoys cuddling with her puppy, travelling and spending time with friends. Read more on the 3IN blog!


Marja Katisko from Diak, Finland

Marja Katisko in the picture.

“How can we support a more sustainable society through research?” asks Marja Katisko who works as a principal lecturer at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. She has been planning and implementing a study module about eco-social change for masters-level together with VID. Katisko sees many possibilities in developing international multidisciplinary education and research. Read more on the 3IN blog!


Bjørn Hallstein Holte from VID, Norway

Bjorn in the picture.

“The 3IN Alliance pushes us to explore new ways of collaborating”, thinks Bjørn Hallstein Holte who is an associate professor at VID Specialized University in Norway. In 3IN Alliance he has been involved in trying out different forms of online student mobility, organizing guest lectures, and writing applications for funding. In his free time, he spends time with his family and enjoys various sports such as biking, skiing – and unicycling. Read more on the 3IN blog!


In the picture Daniel Wimmer smiling.

Daniel Wimmer from FHWS, Germany

“The shared strength of the alliance is diversity”, thinks Daniel Wimmer who is the head of the International Office in FHWS and coordinates the 3IN Alliance activities within FHWS. When he is not working, he spends time with his daughter, jogs and reads. Read more on the 3IN blog!


In the picture Stefanie.

Stefanie Witter from FHWS, Germany

“Being a part of the 3IN Alliance means having joint goals and values”, says Stefanie Witter who works as a project coordinator of FHWS 3IN at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, so she has participated in activities on several levels. To balance out work, Stefanie likes to have cooking evenings with her friends. Read more on the 3IN blog!