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Visiting colleagues: VID on Erasmus+ Staff Mobility to Finland

In the picture posing Marja Saarela, Maria Tendenes, Hanne-Line Waerness and Mika Alavaikko.
The first post-corona visits between partners have become possible.  The International Coordinator for Social Education Degree Programme at VID, Hanne Line Wærness and Advisor for Internationalisation, Maria Tendenes, from VID have been on an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility to Finland.

We share values ​​and disciplines, and that is a good starting point for constructive cooperation across national borders.

The main objective of our visit was to meet with colleagues and to learn about the degree programs and teaching practises at Diak, mainly within the social services. Diak had set up an intense and exciting program.

In addition to meeting with lectures in social services, we also discussed common project opportunities for external funding, and opportunities for joint virtual teaching between the respective campuses.

Visiting Diak’s Helsinki-campus

We were given a tour of a well-equipped simulation post and were invited to be observers on simulation training for first-year nursing students. We also offered to be guinea pigs, but the offer was politely declined.

Student Mobility was one of the current topics, and after conversations and discussions we see that there are possibilities for both Norwegian and Finnish students for exchange, both for studies and placements.

The program also included guest lecturing for students and teachers on social work. Hanne-Line’s topic was an introduction to the Norwegian social worker model with a special focus on the unique combination of being both authorized health personnel and social workers, and information about student exchange and the possibility of practice opportunities at VID. A great experience to exchange views with committed students and teachers.

Summary of a busy week in Helsinki

On our way home we were full of impressions and good ideas. The outcome of the exchange was summarized into an extensive to-do list with concrete suggestions for courses in joint teaching and development of joint projects.

We hope that our colleagues at VID will catch our enthusiasm and motivation when we will start introducing the initiatives and inviting them to join the cooperation. The way we see it there is a lot of good possibilities for international co-operation across national borders here in the Nordic region and Europe in general.

We have met wonderful people and colleagues and students. After the first day, Hanne Line, expressed that: “They are not only our partners, but actually our colleagues.”

About the Author

Maria Tendenes works as an Advisor for Internationalisation in VID Specialized University.

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