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3INs: Involvement Means Leaving No one Behind

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3IN Alliance promotes #inclusion #integration and #involvement, but what does this actually mean? We asked the 3IN staff members how these values show in the alliance. 

Involvement is one of the three core values of the 3IN Alliance. Involvement at the societal level is needed so that the alliance has the competence to address national, European and global multifaceted challenges. Daniel Wimmer from FHWS and Pirjo Hakala from Diak find involvement essential, but they think that the 3INs work best together.

– Involvement is important, and if it is successful, it can also serve inclusion and integration, says Pirjo Hakala.

– However, I do not know if you can raise any of these three INs above the others. I think they more or less are parts of the same bigger whole, just viewing it from a bit different angles, she continues.

Wimmer agrees with Hakala. He thinks that the 3INs can only meet the demands of the present together.

– The 3INs help us to perceive the perspectives of others and, building on this, to see what a future can look like in which everyone can develop their potential, says Daniel Wimmer.

3IN Alliance promotes constructive dialogue to secure sustainable development to the benefit of all. Pirjo Hakala thinks this also fits the goals of Diak.

Involvement is important, and if it is successful, it can also serve inclusion and integration.

– Diak will be needed until our world is a good world for everyone, summarizes Diak’s strategy. In Diak, we are not categorizing people, and we try to find ways of integrating and involving various marginalized groups in our society, says Hakala.

Wimmer thinks that as individuals, we all have very different strengths and weaknesses. That plays a role when we are trying to involve everyone.

– Given the considerable challenges of the present, such as digitalization, globalization and other various transformation processes, we need to be careful that no one gets lost, says Daniel Wimmer.

Pirjo Hakala believes that the alliance can combine knowledge and experience from all partners and educate new change makers for this world.

– I believe that with joint projects and education, we can find solutions and make life a bit better for several marginalized groups across Europe, she says.

– We will not start a revolution (nor should we), but we can raise awareness in our universities, especially among our students, about what it takes to create a world where no one is left behind, concludes Daniel Wimmer.

Daniel Wimmer is the Head of the International Office at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Pirjo Hakala is the Vice-Rector and Director of Education at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences.

What do the 3INs mean?

The 3IN Alliance’s core values are Inclusion, Integration and Involvement. Read about the ideas behind them from the 3IN website.