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3INs: Integration Improves Co-creation

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3IN Alliance promotes #inclusion #integration and #involvement, but what does this actually mean? We asked the 3IN staff members how these values show in the alliance.

One of the three core values of the 3IN Alliance is integration. At the institutional level, integration is crucial. It enables the development of innovative learning and co-creation ecosystem. Nicolae Marinescu from UNITBV and Stefanie Witter from FHWS think this is at the core of the alliance.
– I see the alliance as a network that integrates different viewpoints from all over Europe. I think integration is needed to form a network from diverse universities, says Marinescu. 
The actions of the alliance stem from the shared values of inclusion, integration and involvement. 
– The activities of the 3IN Alliance base on these values: Being inclusive, being integrative and being involving. This means that all partner universities are on the same page, and no one is left behind, says Stefanie Witter.

I see the alliance as a network that integrates different viewpoints from all over Europe.

By integrating the knowledge from different universities, the alliance improves its capacity to find sustainable solutions to multifaceted societal challenges.
– 3IN Alliance is significant as a network: it is an enhancer of possibilities for students and an opportunity for teachers and students to develop their skills together, says Nicolae Marinescu. 
Witter thinks that the alliance plays a crucial role in the field of education. The international exchange leads to possibilities of shared research based on shared values. The transnational perspective and expertise from different universities are valuable. 
– This enables original scientific outcomes, advanced teaching methods, unique learning styles and last but not least: new friendships, Witter continues.
Nicolae Marinescu is an associate professor at the Transilvania University of Brasov. Stefanie Witter is a project coordinator of the FHWS 3IN from the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

What do the 3INs mean?

The 3IN Alliance’s core values are Inclusion, Integration and Involvement. Read about the ideas behind them from the 3IN website.