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Marja Katisko / Diak: ”How can we support a more sustainable society through research?” 

Marja in Rovaniemi
Who is Who series introduces faces behind the 3IN Alliance. Find out what kind of ideas Marja Katisko from Diak, Finland, has for research in the future.

Marja Katisko (Dr Soc.Sc.) works as a principal lecturer at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. She has been planning and implementing a study module about eco-social change for masters-level together with VID. 

– I am interested in increasing joint research and development activities, particularly in areas that are important for the future. Key themes in the future include global movements, immigration and refugee issues. Eco-social issues that are related to both global and local challenges are also of, says Katisko.

  Immigration and refugee issues are important in the future.

Diak has strong expertise in social science research. It also has knowledge in immigration and refugee issues as well as eco-social issues. Katisko sees many possibilities in developing international multidisciplinary education and research. 

–Interesting ideas would be to initiate research projects about how environmental issues affect the development of different professions and what kind of new work we need in social and health care. How can we support the transition to a more sustainable society by developing work structures, content and skills? ponders Katisko. 

Katisko values cooperation with national and European level research and educational organizations and some of her best memories from the 3IN Alliance have been working with international colleagues. 

– Our strengths complement each other in the 3IN Alliance. Together we can develop innovative pedagogical solutions to address global challenges and new learning spaces and dialogue between students in different contexts, Katisko thinks. 

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The 3IN Alliance brings together diverse European higher education institutions with a joint mission: a world where no one is left behind. The Who is Who series introduces staff members and students behind the scenes of the 3IN Alliance.