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Maria Tendenes / VID: “I dream about student and staff mobility”

Who is Who series introduces faces behind the 3IN Alliance. Read how Maria Tendenes from VID, Norway feels about the internationalization of universities. 

Maria Tendenes sitting in a beautiful mountain view

Maria Tendenes is an advisor for internationalization at VID Specialized University in Norway. Her role is to coordinate VID’s activities in 3IN Alliance. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing. 


– VID has a long experience of cross-cultural exchange both in research and in education. With our experiences we can help the alliance develop procedures and structures for both educational and research cooperation, says Tendenes. 


The students and staff came together to develop the alliance, not only for the students but also with the students

VID Specialized University values a strong connection with international research, education and innovation communities in Europe and the rest of the world. 3IN Alliance enables this kind of cooperation through interdisciplinary education modules and different opportunities to co-create and acquire new skills and tools for research. 


– My absolute best memory from 3IN cooperation is the 3IN student alliance meeting in Malaga. The students and staff came together to develop the alliance, not only for the students but also with the students, says Tendenes. 


In the future, Tendenes dreams about strong cooperation between the partners on different levels.  


– I dream about student and staff mobility, both virtual and physical. I also picture an active student body within the alliance who can provide the higher education institutions with wishes and solutions that benefit us in our cooperation. 


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The 3IN Alliance brings together diverse European higher education institutions with a joint mission: a world where no one is left behind. The Who is Who series introduces staff members and students behind the scenes of the 3IN Alliance.