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Networking Event for Library and Information Services

Following the strategic cooperation within the 3IN Alliance, Diak’s Library and Information Services staff organised a virtual meeting to get to know the colleagues in 3IN Alliance Member institutions and to explore the future cooperation opportunities.

Networking through Erasmus+ Staff Mobility

During the past two years, Diak Library and Information Services staff have visited University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and Transilvania University of Brasov in the framework of Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. Having gained valuable contacts and insights from these visits, the plan was to continue with the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility to VID Specialized University and Université Sorbonne Paris Nord in spring 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 forced to postpone these plans and initiated the idea to arrange this virtual meeting for colleagues in all 3IN Alliance members.

Interactive Virtual Meeting

In the ZOOM meeting on 10th December 2020, we were very pleased to have altogether 27 colleagues to learn about each other through interesting presentations, interactive games and discussions. All participants agreed that there are various opportunities to share best practices and to cooperate in library and information services. This meeting was a good start and hopefully the next get-together will be a joint event in one of the Member institutions.

As a next step, Diak will establish the joint communication channel for Library and Information Services in 3IN Alliance Teams and invite the colleagues to continue with sharing information and ideas towards the next steps in the collaboration.

Contact for Further Information

Susanna Kinnari, Head of Library and Information Services, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Email susanna.kinnari(at)