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German national initiative supports the 3IN Alliance cooperation

FHWS campus
The funding aims to strengthen the European dimension of German higher education and support the HEIs in their mission to develop future European Universities.

We are pleased to inform that University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) has received national funding to support the 3IN Alliance mission to become a European University with following activities:

  • Structural preparation corresponding to FHWS‘ strengths and expertise via diffusion of 3IN-activities into the university. Furthermore, harmonization of processes and bundling of expertise through close cooperation between administration and faculty.
  • Increase in intercultural competencies by expanding and supplementing FHWS concepts from Internationalization@home such as the “Intercultural Driver License” and the “Compass International”.
  • Administrative simplification in the field of mobility through digitalization with the help of the creation of an individual and flexible learning journey.
  • Expansion of transnational and transdisciplinary teaching in the social sciences.
  • Development of an information structure for the implementation of smart staff mobilities with the help of the introduction of a map of expertise.
  • Increasing the visibility of FHWS as a UAS with a European reach through the involvement of partners with the help of the Campus Community Dialogue.

European University Networks (EUN) – national initiative

“European University Networks (EUN) – national initiative” is the accompanying national programme for German higher education institutions in the context of the EU pilot call for “European Universities”. Flanking the EU initiative, the programme supports German higher education institutions as they embark on the dynamic process of shaping “European Universities”.

This accompanying national programme is closely interlinked with the EU initiative “European Universities”. It specifically supports German higher education institutions within their European university networks and the DAAD assists them in (further) expanding their existing alliances in teaching, research and third mission. The funding programme also aims to strengthen the European dimension of German higher education institutions and their positioning for potential subsequent EU calls for proposals.

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EUN – National Initiative