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Diak opens online courses for 3IN members’ students

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Diak welcomes 3IN member universities’ students to join a selection of online courses in autumn 2020. 

Through the online courses, 3IN members’ students all over Europe will be able to get an international experience even from a distance. There are altogether online courses available (26 ECTS combined)  in the field of Social Services.  

The online courses open for 3IN members’ students are:  

  • Professional Skills for Working in Diversity Settings (starting in August) 
  • Social and Rehabilitative Services for Adult Population (starting in August) 
  • Management and Leadership (starting in August) 
  • Entrepreneurship in Social Service Sector (starting in August) 
  • Exploitation in a Global Frame (starting in October) 
  • Disability in Diverse Contexts (starting in October)  

Please note that most of the courses start already in August. The nomination deadline for courses starting in August is 26 June. For courses starting in October the deadline is later, in the end of July. 

If you are interested in joining some of the online courses or need more information, please contact the International office of your home university or Diak’s International Office (