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Webinar 14-15 May 2020: Responses to COVID-19 – a Transnational View

On the 14th and 15th of May, students and staff from 3IN member universities were invited to participate in the online conference under the title: Responses to the Crisis – a Transnational View. The webinar was organised by University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS).

Several speakers from the 3IN members provided an overview of the current situation in their home countries with professional examples on how universities and societies have responded to the crisis in various ways; What kind of challenges are people facing? Which impact does COVID-19 have on peoples’ business life?

The aim of the event was to share information and experiences on the different measures taken in the seven European countries, and to look at how societies are coping with the new circumstances. Presentations were followed by a discussion to encourage transnational discourse.

A cancelled national event prompted the virtual event

The initiative of the webinar was born when, due to COVID-19, the faculty of Applied Social Sciences of FHWS had to cancel its annual International Social Work Week. The week usually takes place as a part of the organization’s International Teaching Week, where professors and lecturers from partner universities worldwide visit FHWS. As an alternative, the project team of FHWS 3IN came up with the idea of organising an online event in order to discuss the different responses to the corona crisis across Europe.


Below the webinar programme with links to presentations.

Thursday, 14th of May

14:30 Opening ZOOM meeting room

14:45 Introduction

14:50 Welcome Words. Robert Grebner, President of FHWS

15:00 A matter of trust – how to make a HEI crisis-proof? Daniel Wimmer, FHWS – Germany

15:30 Norway in the corona crisis – actual status and future challenges. Jana Midelfart & Øystein Wendelbo, VID – Norway

16:00 Brand Communication during COVID-19 crisis. Florin Nechita, UniTBv – Romania

16:30 Child Welfare Services in Norway under the Corona. Tor Slettebø, VID – Norway

17:00 Closing Day 1

Friday, 15th of May

14:00 Opening ZOOM meeting room

14:15 Introduction

14:30 Response to COVID-19 Crisis – The Portuguese Perspective. João Silva, ISAVE – Portugal

15:00 Back to the Future – from a Distance. Olli Vesterinen, Diak – Finland

15:30 Health Crisis and Lockdown: Revealing Social Inequalities. Daniel Verba, USPN – France

16:00 COVID-19 and Immigrants in Norway: The role of religious organisations. Bjørn Hallstein Holte, VID – Norway

16:30 Responding to the crisis – a legal perspective. Achim Förster, FHWS – Germany

17:00 Closing the conference

More information

For more information regarding the online conference, please contact Kristina Gehring at FHWS: kristina.gehring(at)