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Leaving no one behind

When I hear those words I imagine a ship leaving an empty shore. I imagine my parents running trough the airport, carrying me and my siblings so we can catch the flight, together. I imagine a classroom where everyone automatically finds a partner for the group-project, and no one is left alone.

To me, leaving no one behind is a promise. It promises acceptance and inclusion. There are no requirements. We are all, automatically joining. It’s a group effort. There are no questions, no second guessing, no percentages except 100. You go full out, when you leave no one behind.

You are not alone. Someone cares for you. That someone, when no one is left behind, is everyone. Everyone collectively and individually sees your value. You are worth everything, and so is everyone else. There is no bargaining, it’s all of us, everyone. If we do want a society where no one is left behind and everybody can participate, we do need to have a bigger focus on universal design. I believe in diversity. Because everyone is different. By treating people by their needs, in order for them to gain their full potential, everyone is valued the same. And then we can learn from each other, create unity and dream about peace.

By leaving no one behind we invite everyone in. In to our homes, into our lives, into our talks, into our minds. We care for each other. The idea of leaving no one behind is, and should always be an inspiration for us all. Sadly we are no way near leaving no one behind, but every day we have a chance to take new steps in the right direction. Will you join us?

Carrying each other

Caring for everyone

Loving everyone

Accepting everyone

Valuing everyone, yourself and others

Including everyone

Treating people according to their needs, in order for everyone to get the same opportunities.

Three students working togetherFour students working together







Camilla Marian Cazon, Student of Theology and Vice President of the Student Parliament at VID Specialized University, Chair of 3IN Alliance Students